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  • What Kind of Equipment/Programs Does Jordan Use to Film & Edit His Vlogs?
    Jordan previously filmed on a Canon G7X Mark 3 camera. He now uses a Sony ZV-1. He edits his vlogs on PowerDirector Pro.
  • Does Jordan Do Meetups with Lionhearts?
    Yes, and all of them can be seen in in his vlogs. If Jordan decides to have a meetup, he will likely announce it on his Patreon page. Previous meetups: Los Angeles, CA London, England Sydney, Australia Pigeon Forge, TN Orlando, FL Fairmount, IN Niles, IL
  • Does Jordan Accept Requests for Vlogs?
    Jordan receives several requests every day. The best way to make a suggestion is via comments on his vlogs, during a livestream, or via Patreon. Keep in mind, Jordan does vlogs about things he is interested in.
  • What is the Name of the Band/Music Jordan Uses in His Videos?
    The band's name is 84Nash. They are friends of Jordan. The songs are: Sandful of Hand Electric Light Parade Cinnamon Block Megatroid in Megacity
  • When is Jordan's Birthday?
    July 30, 1981. Jordan's also filmed several vlogs about his history: Early History YouTube Channel Storytime: Story From Childhood Moving to Hollywood LA Full Circle: Leaving LA Storytime: My LA Jobs Before YouTube
  • Does Jordan Still Live in Los Angeles, CA?
    Jordan purchased a home away from California, but he has no plans on disclosing further personal details.
  • When is Jah's Birthday?
    April 28, 2014. Jordan's filmed a couple of vlogs specifically about Jah's history: Jah's History Jah's Breed
  • Why is He Called "Jordan the Lion?"
    Jordan's astrological sign is Leo. This star sign is represented by a lion.
  • Does Jordan Have a Contact Email Address?
    Jordan does not have a direct email address for inquiries. The best ways to get in touch with him are via comments on his vlogs, during a live stream, or via Patreon.
  • Does Jordan Have a Mailing Address?
    Jordan does not have a mailing address for the public to utilize. Also, please do not send mail for him to any of the places he films.
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